Relax -- Drink Up -- No Worries



Healthcare In The United States

Healthcare worries?  No problem.  Let's add 40 million non-payors to the system.  Think costs will rise?  Relax.  Have some Koolaid.

Nuclear Threat From Iran and North Korea

Notice third world countries spending alot of time to develop nuclear weapons?  There really isnt anything to worry about.  Hillary is putting together "tough sanctions" that will do the trick.  Sit back and have a sip of the grape Koolaid.


Sure there was a second swearing in on Inauguration Day and the Chief Justice snuck in through the kitchen entrance.  And yes, no one was contacted.  But hey, when we talk about transparency -- let's not got stuck on the details.  How about some orange Koolaid?  It's really better than Tang.


Concerned about taxes?  Why?  Ok, so we are looking at 55% tax rates in NY and California -- and 45% nationwide.  It's really no big deal.  Most people dont even pay taxes.  And if taxes are getting your goat -- spike the Koolaid for all I care!  Havent you heard of a Koolaid-tini?!


Considering disagreeing with us. Fine. You will be labeled as a mob operative or if you are Fox News, you won't be allowed to meet us. As we like to say, "keep your mouth shut, we don't need to hear you talking" -- leave the driving to us. Did you try the grape? It's delicious.

"Truth" In Governing

Having a problem with the $18M spent on Recovery.Gov being wrong. Haven't you heard of Chicago Math. It's as honest as state-run Soviet Pravda Press. Anyone for a Koolaid and Stolichinska?

Support American Security

Do you really think that KSM doesnt deserve a fair trial in NYC in 2010? Come on. There wont be anything fair about it. He's guilty. But there isn't anything better than a tailgaiting trial party with corn on the cob and Kool-Aid in the summer time!





David Axelrod - Head BrewMaster at OKA.
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Rahm Emanuel, manages Quality Control -- somehow his family likes him.
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Tim Geitner -- Needs to drink up. As nervous as a tick on a gator in front of the House Finance Committee. We see you -- we sell short.
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Mr. Attorney General -- r. YOU SIR have had been drinking too much of your own brew.
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Janet Napolitano - DHS -- What can we say. LOL. Couldnt even find the punch bowl. Permanently designated driver.
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Happy Couple AGAIN -- Bill just kept running back and forth filling Hillary's cup. Look at them now!
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What A Team!!